The instruction for use of certification mark

To propagate, promote and affirm the Quality Management System of your company to be certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard, ICA Vietnam Organization would like to send you the certification icons and international recognition marks as following.
The instruction for use of certification mark
1. The Certification Symbol can be used in following cases:
  1. On letter headed paper, official dispatch, technical document, training document, brochures, name-card, vouchers and marketing document.
  2. In advertising program, broadcasting on mass media such as radio, television, press, …
  3. In the means of transportation and in public advertising boards ...
2. The Certification Symbol cannot be used in following cases:
  1. To misunderstand that the ICA body certified or approved the legality for the activities and products of the organization and any misunderstanding ways.
  2. To misunderstand that the ICA body certified system quality characteristic of specific product; the product and packaging is not printed certification mark.
  3. Expiration of the certification or not to comply with the certification requirements.
3.  Caution when using:
  1. Certification stamp can be printed in the same color as specific description, or can be used a color to match the papers, documents, newspapers and magazines that were printed.
  2. Certification stamp can be zoomed in or zoomed out identically, however, it must large enough that the text can be read clearly.
  3. Certificate and Certification stamp are not transferable.
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